Electric Aileron Trim System

   Installation of the Ray Allen Company, Inc. electric servo, connected to the servo tab on the aileron,

is a worthwhile modification. You can eliminate the existing springs and cable system, which reduces the

control friction and gives the ailerons a lighter feel. The system can be installed during construction or on

a finished aircraft.

   If you are interested in this modification, you can contact Doug Poli for detailed drawings of  installation

or complete kits. See drawing below.



























Electronic Ignition.

   ElectroAir offers an electronic ignition unit that works well and is a breeze to install. Jeff Rose, owner and

designer, has developed a timing unit that takes the place of  the removed magneto so there are no remote

mounted pick-up coils. The ignition unit is self-contained on one tray and is easily mounted to the firewall. You

can use automotive spark plugs and you do not have radio noise problems associated with unshielded high

tension leads. A sample drawing of the electrical hook up shows the simplicity of the system.  See photo below























Looking down on engine accessory section of

Electronic Ignition Unit and Electronic Timing Unit

"ElectroAir" Electronic Ignition System installed

on Tom Schneider's SX (N41TS)  ------->FWD

Contact Doug Poli at 817 626-3371 or

ElectroAir, Inc. (Jeff Rose) at 423 622-8825



Power Pak Fluid Recovery Can. "Burp Cans"

    When checking the "Free Fall" Landing Gear Extension System, we all know that you will lose some

fluid out of the overboard vent. The large capacity can catches the fluid that would normally go overboard

and drains it back into the reservoir. For more information and kits contact Doug Poli. Two drawings and 

photo below.




Photo of Large Capacity Power Pak Fluid

Recovery Can (Burp Can) 12VDC Power Pak

Green arrow points to old style pressure switch.






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