Who we are?

Enthusiasts building and operating the SX300.

The SX300 was originally designed by Ed Swearingen in San Antonio, TX. The aircraft was marketed as a kit from 1984 to 1989. By the end of 1989 approximately 80 kits had been sold, although there were only 48 sets of landing gear, which were built by the landing gear vendor, Airight Inc. in Wichita, KS.

The basic concept was to set new standards for Homebuilt or Amateur Built Aircraft as a dependable, fast mode of transportation; using all metal construction and proven techniques to provide an airframe that was equal to advanced jet aircraft. Fundamentally this was accomplished, however, the complexity and the labor intensive kit proved to be too challenging for the Homebuilt Market. The kit was high quality but the aircraft was never kit-proofed by the factory, so there were numerous glitches from the beginning. If the aircraft had been offered as a “fast build kit” it may well have survived.

In 1994, Jim Ryan, the owner of Airight, acquired the SX300 tooling, aircraft kit components and production/manufacturing rights (except military application). Jim planned to continue supporting the existing builders and to supply kits, fast build kits and possibly a fixed gear version which he called the SX200. Unfortunately Jim died in early 1996 before he could implement his new program.

The inventory of SX300 parts were bought by Bill Johns and now reside with Doug Poli at his facility in Ft. Worth, TX. Questions about parts availability should be directed to either Bill Johns or Doug Poli.

The SX300 Group was formed to share ideas, help each other in the building process, create standardized operational procedures, promote safety and hopefully preserve this excellent aircraft.